My name is Christiaan. I started this blog to leave behind things I have learned over more than 30 years of diy projects, building, carpentry, almost every field in the diy arena. I am here to share my experiences especially with the younger generation who I am afraid will get most things done by someone else while they have the capacity to do themselves! I want to leave this to them in the hope they find this ever useful to come to the KNOW HOW of how things work and how most things in and around the house can be done if you have just that push in the right direction!

I do not pretend to know everything, or that everything I share is done in the correct way. No brother, I am still learning everyday and if you have a better or easier way or just another way of doing things then you are welcome to just share that with me and others here.

You are so welcome to look around and find ideas or maybe a know how on a certain task. If you DO NOT find anything you are looking for OR if you have a question about some thing you need to do or need to know more, then drop me a mail and I will help where I can!