Work out salvation?

Work out your salvation

Some things in life cannot always be done. The do it yourself will not cover all things. Sometimes you must get in a professional to help you. Then there are things that no one can help you with, you alone must do it or it will not be done at all!

One of this is salvation. How do you mean, work out your salvation? Well, salvation has different areas in life. Salvation has also three tenses, past, present and future. I can say, “I am saved”, or “I am being saved” and “I will be saved.” I will explore this more in other posts but for now just leave this one thing with you. I am a Bible believer follower of Christ. I follow Him in a few ways but mostly through Scriptures as I believe that following Him outside Scriptures is dangerous and hazardous for ones faith. Scriptures affirm this.

“So then, my beloved, just as you have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your salvation with fear and trembling…” Phil 2:12 (NASB)

Now let me give you this one thing. Phil 2:13-14 States that we (I.e. Christians) must work out our own salvation!

Now before we get into this diy stuff let me just give you this. Nothing on earth can and will be done if we don’t give TIME to this!  You will not get this done without taking time because this one thing takes TIME and much time! To work out salvation is not a quick job! Do not cook that recipe if you don’t have time for it! Don’t think it is something quick. You must make time if you do not have it! You must keep at it or you will fail in this aspect of salvation!

Take time to work out salvation or you will lack salvation in many aspects of your life! You will not be able to overcome many things. Time is precious! We waste it on idle and wasteful things! We need to consider this. Make the best use of your time if you want to be saved from sin, from selfishness, from the bondage of this world and the work of the evil one! Holiness for example has become a word many have abandoned! They don’t like the idea! To be Holy is a command, did you know that Christian? Be Holy! God did not say “be happy” or “be positive” or “be good now!” No! He said “BE HOLY!”

One aspect of Holiness is separation. To be set apart for God and Jesus Christ! That’s it! Be set apart! The other one is to be morally blameless! Be pure in word and deed! This world has no handle on this! The present church has no longer any real reference to this or association with Holiness! Sad! Holiness was trade in for happiness! Everyone must be happy! The happier the merrier! True happiness is embedded in Holiness! No man can be happy if he is not Holy for God’s Joy is only found in those who are Holy as God is happy with nothing else than Holiness in the saints! The old hymns go “take time to be Holy…”

Do it or it will not be done!

In future posts I will give you the “DIY” of how to work out salvation in your life. I want to share this with you fresh from the oven! Sign up or Follow or come back later if you will.