Layout for Kitchen cupboards

Kitchen Cupboards layout

Redoing your kitchen cupboards is not that hard to do especially if you plan the project well. Organizing and planning is key to a the do it yourself project. Like the saying goes “if you fail to plan you definitely plan to fail!”

Best is to look at 3 things when doing your kitchen cupboards:

  1. What is the space you have.
  2. What is your need.

Materials, etc, are determined later, first you have to look at what you have and what you need.  Optimization is here a key factor if you have a small space. Optimize what shelve areas you need, drawers, work space, etc! Then begin with the layout. Play with the cupboards around. Say you need pot drawers and normal drawers. Take a paper and draw the layout, check the stove plugs, sink, water layouts, you are for most bound by these unless you want to redo and move pipes and cables.

You will soon find the best layout and space usage for every cupboard.

Now take the measurements and get the diy units to fit or built them yourself, its not that hard!

Remember, first plan and optimize your space, before you start out!



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